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Twist Fence

Twist or barb edge is obtained by twisting adjacent pairs of wire ends together in a close helix of 1-1/2 machine turns, which is equivalent to 3 full twists, and cutting the wire ends at an angle. The wire ends beyond the twist shall be at least 1/4 in. long. This type of selvage is not used on fabric with a mesh size of less than 2 in.

Twist Fence Types

Twist Type

Knuckle Type

Knuckle and Twist Type

S.NOChainlink Size16 SWG (1.6mm)14 SWG (2.0mm)12 SWG (2.5mm)11 SWG (2.8mm)10 SWG (3.0mm)9 SWG (3.5mm)8 SWG (4.0mm)

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